Chemical Peels

What is a chemical peel?: 

A chemical peel is a non-invasive treatment that smooths the skin’s texture by gently eliminating the top layer of skin. During a chemical peel, your aesthetician Audrey will use a bespoke acid solution that will trigger the the top layer of skin to shed and reveal fresh, smooth new skin. Chemical peels can be used to reduce redness, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, treat and prevent acne breakouts, and brighten the skin. 
What to expect during a chemical peel?
During your chemical peel appointment, you will experience a slight burning and tingling sensation for the duration of the peel.

What happens after a chemical peel?: In the hours after your appointment, you will notice some redness, tingling, and feel sensitive on the treated area. The next day you will notice some dryness, redness and mild swelling. Then, two to three days after your appointment is when the rejuvenation process begins. During this period, your skin will be dry and flakey, all imperfections can be a bit more noticeable. The first few days after your chemical peel can be described as it gets worse before it gets better” but the results are 100% worth it. Your skin is fully healed and looks its best seven days after your appointment.

In the week following your appointment your skin will be sensitive so it’s important to follow Audrey’s guidance in how to properly care for the treated area. This includes avoiding sun exposure, the sauna, extractions, hair removal, as well as wearing an SPF. Due to the after effects of a chemical peel, it’s important to schedule accordingly. For example, if you’re getting a peel to get a glowing complexion before a big event, we suggest getting your peel about two to three weeks beforehand. 

How long do the results last?: 

A chemical peel’s results depend on the strength of the acid used and the severity of the treated area. For light peels, results typically last between one and two months.

Who should get a chemical peel?: 

Chemical peels are a great non-invasive treatment for anyone looking for an improved, smooth, glowing complexion. Chemical peels are great because one session produces beautiful, noticeable results or multiple chemical peels can be scheduled overtime to greatly improve the skin’s texture.

Whether you’re a bride preparing for your big day, getting ready to walk a red carpet, or simply want to show your skin’s texture a little TLC, opt for a chemical peel to boost your overall complexion and set the foundation for your look.

123 Beauty Lab’s Peel Menu:

123 Glow Peel- Mandelic Acid
Formulated for sensitive skin types, this gentle peel retexturizes skin, soothes redness and targets pigment for a more even complexion. Mandelic acid is the gentlest of all alpha hydroxy acids, it can be tolerated by those with sensitive, reactive skin and even rosacea. It is especially good for skin types prone to discoloration because it won't trigger inflammation and hyperpigmentation like harsher AHAs and acids can. A series will reduce redness. Improve your complexion and leave skin softer, smoother and brighter.
Pigment Peel-  Azelaic acid + Resorcinol + Phytic acid + Tranexamic acid 
A depigmenting peel with a complex formula that accelerates epidermis renewal for removal of the melanin build up on the surface. It provides a visible improvement in tone and luminosity. Its patented formula is the perfect balance between efficacy and tolerance, with much less down time when compared to other brands. 

Eye Peel- TCA + Lactic acid

Designed for the delicate skin around the eyes, this advanced peel system is a patented technology that delivers amazing results- with less surface trauma, think no downtime!? This gentle Lactic Acid and TCA peel is an amazing treatment for hyperpigmentation around the eyes. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, as well as dark circles under your eyes.