Trusculpt Flex

What is truSculpt?: 

TruSculpt Flex is a non-invasive muscle sculpting treatment used to strengthen, firm, and tone the abdominal, buttocks, and thigh muscles. Basically, truSculpt gives you a gym body minus the gym (and the time, effort, and energy spent in there) — perfect for those with a busy lifestyle looking to achieve their dream body with zero downtime.

How truSculpt works:

TruSculpt flex uses electric currents to induce muscle contractions to build, sculpt, and tone muscles in the treated area.

What to expect during a truSculpt flex appointment?:

At the beginning of the appointment, Audrey will attach TruSculpt Flex’s therapeutic paddles to the area you’d like to sculpt. She will then turn on the machine that sends stimulating waves to the paddles which causes the muscles to contract. The treatment will deliver an astonishing 54,000 muscle contractions in either a 15 or 45 minute session which you will discuss beforehand. She will start you out at a low frequency and gradually increase the energy throughout the work out, settings depend on your tolerance.

Since truSculpt Flex is designed to induce muscle contractions similar to a hardcore workout, the appointment can be feel rigorous at higher settings. While the procedure is done while laying down, the treatment produces different patterns of contractions to stimulate different forms of exercises. For example, a 15 or 45 minute truSculpt abdominal appointment is similar to doing 25,000+ crunches, squats or lunges. 

What to expect after a truSculpt Flex treatment?:

Just like with traditional exercising, people getting the truSculpt Flex treatment may sweat during their appointment and feel hungry or thirsty after. Your muscles can feel sore the next day, but since there is no lactic acid build-up in the muscles as a result of the treatment, no burning or pain will be felt the next day like with a traditional work out. There is zero downtime — you can go about your day as planned making sure to hydrate and nourish.

How many treatments do you need, how long do results last?:

The amount of treatments needed depend on the individual and their desired results. However, on average people need four to eight treatments over one to two months for best results. When paired with proper hydration, nutrition, and regular moderate exercise — clients will see the optimal results about 12 weeks after their first session.

Who should get truSculpt flex:

Anyone looking to get noticeably toned muscles with zero downtime in just a few weeks is a good candidate for truSculpt flex. It’s the perfect tool to get wedding ready, prepare for that next big role, or simply to look and feel your best on a daily basis.